We specialize in honesty.  We want you looking your best in our clothing so we will always work with you until we meet that goal.


Molly has 30 years of experience owning her own store so now she leaves the stress to Jill and does what she likes best....working with our customers! Molly is great with hard to fit bodies and also taking you to the next level of dressing.

Favorite color:  Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and sometimes Lamborgini colors (black, white and shades of taupe and grey.  Don't forget to pop them with color!!

What do you wear on the lake:  As little as possible - but only in the middle of the lake!!

Something interesting about you:  My husband Tom and I raise "Maine Coon Kittens".  We love ruffing it with our 37 1/2 foot self contained motor home! - 'been there done that' with the tenting and not going back!!  I love working at Clearwater Clothing because it's me and it's my "safe place".



Carolyn has 20 plus years of managing water street clothing in excelsior.  She knows classic style with a twist! She is the best at getting you what you want for your birthday or for any gift!  Just give her a name to call and you will be receiving!

Favorite color:  I love them all but I only wear black.

What do you wear on the lake:  T-shirt and capris

Something interesting about you:  I love golf and ranger at deer run in Victoria.



Mary has been with us forever and has her own evening followers!  Her accessory taste is amazing and if we don't have what you need you might be able to talk her into making it for you!

Favorite color:  Pink.

What do you wear on the lake:  Swimsuit - but not without a cover-up.

Something interesting about you:  I have a passion for bingo and walking my dog!!



Wendy is our creative wonder maker!  As our in-house decorator, her energy and style is endless.  Her style is fun! She can even suggest hair and color options since she is also a hair stylist.

Favorite color:  Fifty shades of grey.

What do you wear on the lake:  Poncho!!

Something interesting about you:  I love to decorate - so if you stand still too long you may be next!!



An artist by training but a design maven by birth.  She has an amazing eye for trend and how all ages can wear it.

Favorite color:  Can I say black?  iIf not, i'll go with grey.  Oh, that's too dull too?  Ok, fine: navy blue.

What do you wear on the lake:  I don't have time to go on the lake... I'm too busy working here making all of you look great for the lake!  iIn my dreams though, I'm wearing a swimsuit and a big floppy hat.

Something interesting about you:   My favorite place in the world is Italy. l love pasta... hence, a lot of black!!



Totally nuts and always willing to go the extra mile for her customers.  Loves each season with a passion and still gets excited when the ups man brings in more!  Very lucky to love her work and make people feel wonderful in her clothing!! 

Favorite color:  Red

What do you wear on the lake:  The biggest tankini I can find, then a Lake Girl sweatshirt!!

Something interesting about you:  I have 4 girls that love clothes!!  HELP!!