If not now.....When?

by Jill Flood

Well, We made it through the Christmas season and hope to be successful with the after season.  Of course, we are on sale today with 25% off the winter merchandise and 20% off the sale racks.  Not sure about all of you but I did get some great things for Christmas.  My husband scored big with new black boots for me!!  They are even the right size.  I guess after 18 years of marriage he should know me!!


If you didn't get what you wanted or need something to go with what you got, stop in and we can help!!  The best part though is its right here in Waconia and you don't have to fight crowds and icky people to get what you want.  I heard many times in the past weeks

"So glad to be back in Waconia shopping!!"

And for you fortunate ones headed out of Minnesota for a break from this weather, we have what your suitcase needs!!  Amazing  "take away" wear you will be glad you brought with!!


Hope to see you all soon!!