Fall 2014......where to start

by Jill Flood in ,

A new season of fashion is upon us and I am always surprised how excited I get for the change!!  I know its been 20 years of seasons but each year I say "this is the best season yet!!"  And yes,  I am saying it again!  The colors and the mix of fabrics is truly amazing and I can't wait to really dig in and start wearing it all!!  

As I watch all the trend forecasts for new looks, colors and textures I realized that this year it seems that it is all about your personal preference.  Yes, there are directions out there but for the most part you can do what you want.  Is this because no one wants to put you in a box or make a mistake pushing a  "look" ?  Maybe!  But, I never have been one to follow the normal path so I am loving this time of personal expression!!  

Of course we will be here to help you figure out what that personal expression is and maybe push you a little out of your box!!  But isn't that what a new season is all about?  The chance to change it up a bit and see what a new look may do for your happiness?

So, when you stop in and see whats up...don't be surprised that we are all over the board too in our merchandise!!  I've found some great new lines, amazing dresses and a hot new denim resource!

Its time for some fun and a little celebrating so stay tuned and watch what we are up to!!