Lets begin.....

by Jill Flood

So, here we are.......19 years in business and I am finally setting up a web page.  Obviously I am not very techy and would rather be working my floor with customers or placing new merchandise.  I do get that this is an important aspect of business now and so here I am.

Clearwater Clothing, or the desire to have my own store, started in a duck blind when I was in high school.  I was hunting with a friend of my fathers and he asked what I wanted to do with my life.  He wanted me to call it "Jillian's duck wear" but I like what my mom suggested better!

We have always been about unique classic clothing with a twist of trend.  I have never been a "trendy" person just liking what I like, but I guess that's what they call style.  It's my style, casual classic pieces with a bit of creativity.  I  collect pieces in the store you will wear and keep in your closet because you love it.  I want you to feel great when you wear my pieces and of course get lots of compliments!  I'm sure you agree that what you put on in the morning sets the mood for the whole day so it better be an awesome outfit!! 

Please follow us on facebook and pinterest and add yourself to our email list to keep current with our collection but follow us here too!  I will be blogging about current colors, trends and ideas for our closets and maybe some weird topics along the way. 

My favorite part of this job though is working with you guys, my customers!  I love it when you come in with things to match or ask where to get the right shoes or ask me to tie the scarf so you can leave it tied in your suitcase!  I am always here for you!

Looking forward to the next 19 years!