Thankful for.......

by Jill Flood

We are so thankful for our wonderful customers...FUN fashions....and the chance to put smiles on faces Christmas morning.

I ask myself all the time "Why do I do this?" Even with all my anxiety, frustration and lack of personal time I still love this crazy business and have a passion to make women feel great about how they look.  During this season of absolutely disgusting retail Christmas overload I hope my customers still know that we are here for them and not just trying to sell and make a buck!!! 

Our favorite at Christmas is the husbands that come in and are at a loss for what to do.  We make sure they feel wanted in here and help them get what THEY want.  Truth be told, its usually women shopping on Christmas eve but not because they put the shopping off......they are shopping because their son just called and is bringing their new girlfriend home for the Holiday or their husband forgot to get their mother a gift.  We have lots of stories to tell but we keep our mouths shut especially when it comes to gift giving.  Telling customers little white lies happens a lot this time of year.  "Oh, that sweater you had on hold got put out by accident and its gone!" Actually, your sister came in and its wrapped under the tree with your name one it!

We hope your Thanksgiving is full of wonderful food, family and fun!!  And then on Friday..... shopping of course!!

Elastic waist pants for all !!

Gobble Gobble